Fantasy of Dildos

Fantasy of Dildos

In this story, I will share a solitary experience in my room. In the darkness, I lie in bed, naked, filled with anticipation. I strive to be patient because I know I must follow your instructions to complete tonight's task. With closed eyes, recalling the care you bestowed upon me this afternoon, I begin to explore my body with my fingers, focusing particularly on the pleasure brought by the dildo I have chosen.

Embarking on Fantasy

Alone in the dimness of my room, I climbed into bed, naked, my skin already tingling with anticipation. It would have been easy to push myself to orgasm in just a few minutes, as I had been turned on for hours, ever since we'd been together. But I knew you would be disappointed if I didn't show a little patience. I could still hear your voice, still feel your touch as I began exploring my torso with my fingers. Settling after a few moments on my chest, I rubbed the sensitive skin, remembering the firm attention you'd given it earlier that afternoon. My groin throbbed as I closed my eyes and felt once again the thrill of each caress, the delicious spectrum from gentle touch to firm pressure.

Unusual Fantasy Instructions

Imagining your presence wasn't challenging as I followed your directives. You had instructed me to indulge in self-pleasure that evening, using a chosen toy, and later recount my experience when we next met. With closed eyes, I parted my legs slightly, one hand gliding along my inner thigh while the other remained focused on my chest, teasing my sensitive nipples. A sigh escaped me as I arched my back, nestling my head into the soft pillows, while my fingers sought the warmth and wetness between my thighs.

I inserted two fingers briefly, soon coated in my own arousal. Upon withdrawal, the room filled with the scent of my musk, and a mischievous smile graced my lips. Those same fingers returned to my chest, spreading my warm juices over my hardened yet sensitive nipples. Meanwhile, my other hand reached my clit, administering gentle touches as my legs widened further, granting easier access.

Fantasy of Dildo Insertion

Once again, your presence enveloped me, prompting a deliberate slowdown, pushing me towards the heightened release that patience would bring. Both hands resumed their attention on my chest, applying firmer pressure this time as my groin throbbed with anticipation. Drawing my legs back together, I reached for my preferred toy, a realistic vibrating dildo, and positioned it against my groin and moist entrance.

Initially cold and dry, it swiftly absorbed the warmth and wetness burgeoning between my thighs. I maneuvered it back and forth, rotating it until fully lubricated, then left it in place, nestled between my thighs, while bringing both hands back to my chest. A loud moan escaped as I tweaked my nipples more vigorously, reigniting sensations from earlier in the day.

It wouldn't be long before I had to focus solely on my dripping groin, but before succumbing to that urge, I brought one hand to my flushed cheeks, recalling the gentle slaps you had delivered as I pleasured your long, hard cock with my mouth earlier. This sparked a particularly naughty idea, prompting me to retrieve the dildo from between my legs and plunge it into my mouth and deep down my throat, momentarily gagging before surfacing for air, relishing the taste of my own arousal as I returned the toy to its place between my legs.

Anticipating Pleasurable Insertion

The moment had arrived. I couldn't resist attending to my eager groin any longer. Yet, I aimed to delay gratification for as long as possible, preserving the illusion that you were present, watching me indulge in self-pleasure. Once again, I spread my legs, gripping the dildo's base with my right hand while using the fingers of my left to part my entrance. Slowly and gently, I initiated a circular motion with the dildo's tip against the edges of my wetness, teasingly pressing in and retreating.

After a minute or so, I allowed the dildo's tip to penetrate me, emitting a deep groan as I bent my left knee, pressing my foot firmly into the mattress. Leaving the dildo inserted about an inch into my groin, its bulbous head exerting pleasurable pressure, my right hand resumed its circular motion at the base, while two fingers of my left hand returned to my clit.

After several minutes of gentle, deliberate motions, I reached a subdued yet satisfying climax, my muscles spasming and groin throbbing in rhythm with the waves of pleasure. I envisioned you pleasuring yourself as you observed me, knowing that even greater pleasure awaited.

Enjoyment before approaching orgasm

Taking a moment to relax, I shifted in bed, allowing my legs to sprawl freely as blood circulated back into them, meeting the cool embrace of the sheets. The dildo, now warm and sticky, found a temporary resting place against my belly, granting my right hand respite from its ceaseless movements. Yet, the pressure building deep within my groin and the insistent throb of my clit signaled an unsatiated hunger for more.

Assuming my favorite position, I envisioned you tying each of my ankles to the bed's end, amplifying the erotic tension that coursed through me. Though in reality, my legs remained free, the illusion of restraint fueled my arousal, heightening the experience. With a flick of my wrist, I activated the vibrator at its lowest setting, enhancing the pleasure the dildo provided.

With the dildo teasingly grazing my clit for a fleeting moment before plunging into my entrance, time seemed to blur. What once took minutes now occurred in mere seconds, fueled by my heightened arousal. My left hand resumed its gentle caress on my clit as I embarked on long, deliberate strokes with the dildo, its full length delving in and out of me with each movement.

As beads of sweat adorned my forehead and my body ignited with pleasure, I neared the precipice of ecstasy. My muscles tightened, juices flowing freely, requiring utmost concentration to maintain a steady rhythm. Amidst the mounting intensity, the vibrator's buzzing became a distraction, prompting a swift adjustment with my left hand while I continued to pleasure myself with the dildo.

Final Moments of Ecstasy

I teetered on the brink of ecstasy, easily propelled over the edge by the mere thought of your presence in the room. Unlike previous times when I imagined you inside me, this time I envisioned you simply observing, relishing in my pleasure, eager to witness the effects of your suggestions, instructions, and touch. Adjusting the dildo to the perfect depth – about four inches inside – I embarked on a rapid, shallow rhythm, while the fingers of my left hand vigorously stimulated my groin.

Panting heavily, I maintained this frenzied pace, which felt like hours but probably lasted no more than a minute, until my climax finally crashed over me. I squealed with delight, allowing my legs to move freely as my sweat-drenched body writhed on the bed, engulfed in pleasure. Gradually, I settled down, letting the dildo slip out of my wet entrance, and soon drifted off to sleep, a contented smile adorning my face.

As I reminisce about last night's experience this morning, documenting it for your pleasure as you instructed, I can't help but feel tempted to indulge myself once again...

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